Sort your traffic, avoid bans and increase your earnings!

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Block bots and crawlers

Block all bots and crawlers in order to avoid bans from every network (Google, Facebook and Instagram included).

Block competitor

With our software you will be able to avoid the ripping of your website/landing page. No more copies of your page!

Block IP

Write IPs that you want to block (for examples competitor, network managers and others unwanted people).

Geo Redirect

Sort your traffic! Redirect users based on their country.

Referral URL Block

Block users based on where they come from.

Device Redirect

Decide where to redirect users based on the device they use.

Rotate Feature

Choose more than one pages as Safe/Main Page!

Easy to use

Our service is really easy to use! Also you will always get support by our staff directly.


AdvertSafe is the cheapest cloaker around with all these features.

Instagram Edition

Find out the special edition of Advert Safe, the Instagram Edition! With this special version of the software you will be able to prevent the ban for your accounts and domains!
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